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First time at AUSTIN BOULDERING PROJECT? Read these helpful tips & youth safety rules

Clinics & Workshops

Fit and Flow

Fit and Flow is back so you can get the best of both fitness and yoga once a month. Each class will kick off with an hour-long Circuit Level 1 that will get your heart pumping and then finish with a thirty minute all levels flow to cool down. Each portion of the class will be specifically designed to compliment the other so that by the time you leave you will feel pumped and sweaty yet balanced and centered.

Specialty Fitness Class: Handstand Training

On every first Sunday of the month, Aerialist and Acrobatic trainer, Sam Alvarez will guide you through a handstand training session. Sam brings over 20 years of experience and knowledge to give you the tools and modalities to progress. No matter where you’re at in your inversion practice this all levels workshop will help you improve and perfect your skills. Classes are in the Fitness Room and limited to 20 participants. Reserve your spot on the sign up board before class.


Our fitness classes will be capped at 8 and yoga classes capped at 15 in an effort to align with social distance recommendations.


With tons of natural light and tall ceilings, our studio is designed to help you retreat from the outside world. Generate some heat during our Vinyasa and Power classes, take time to rejuvenate your body during Yin and Restorative, or prep for that big weekend of climbing with Yoga for Climbers. We provide mats, props, and everything else you need to practice. With class times morning, noon, and night we hope you will find the perfect one to fit your daily schedule and body’s needs. No need to sign up in advance, but do come in early to snag your favorite spot in the studio.


Restorative – Rest, relax and rejuvenate with this calming yoga practice. Most poses are done seated or lying down supported by the use of props and held in stillness for several minutes. This class is the perfect way to unwind from your day and prepare for rest. All levels welcome.

Yin – Similar to Restorative, Yin yoga invites you to slow down for a grounding and cooling practice. Passive stretches allow you to work deeper into the connective tissues of the body, such as ligaments and fascia. Poses are held up to five minutes, sometimes longer. All levels welcome.

Monthly Meditation – Learn what meditation is (and what it’s not!), the benefits of meditation practice; and how to build and sustain your own home meditation practice. We will explore the philosophy and practice of meditation from the Yoga and Buddhist traditions to help you find the style that suits you best. Each class will include movement, lecture, meditation practice, and time for questions.

Family Yoga – In this class you will explore partner poses, breathing practices, silly chants and yoga games. Utilizing mindfulness techniques, both you and your child will cultivate mind-body awareness, emotional intelligence and self regulation tools. This class is recommended for parents and/or caregivers and children ages 4-8 years.

Yoga Fundamentals – A mindful, standing flow that is perfect for beginners or practitioners seeking to refine their practice. Learn foundational yoga postures and breathing techniques that will help you build a strong foundation for a lifelong yoga practice.

Yoga for Climbers – Enjoy an all levels yoga flow designed for climbers. Strengthen your grip, stretch your forearms and increase your shoulder and hip mobility. Yoga for Climbers will help you boost performance and prevent injury.

Align – In this class yoga poses are held for a longer period of time with an emphasis on precision and postural alignment. Great for all levels of practitioners seeking to develop strength, flexibility and mental clarity.

Vin / Yin – This class is a 50/50 combination of warming vinyasa flow and restorative yin yoga. The first half of class will be energizing, while the last half will be relaxing. The yin and yang qualities will help students find a healthy balance in their own lives. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa I – Vinyasa yoga is the linking of breath to movement which creates a dynamic flow from one posture to the next. Fantastic for both yogis and climbers looking for a physical practice and a mental wind down.This class is suitable for beginners and those new to practicing yoga.

Vinyasa II – Similar to the Level I class, this class offers a quicker pacing and will safely explore complex movements and transitions. Students will have an opportunity to challenge their strength and flexibility with arm balances and inversions in a judgement free environment.

Ashtanga – A physically challenging class that combines a specific sequence of yoga postures, called the Primary Series, in an athletic flow that builds strength and stamina for a complete practice. Previous experience with Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga is recommended.

Power – This 75 minute class offers an advanced sequence with extra time to workshop challenging arm balances and inversions. Expect an intense and playful practice that will challenge your limits. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Youth under the age of 14 cannot attend Yoga classes. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


With over 5000 square feet of open space, our weight room has all you need to train hard, stay mobile and get stronger. The space is put together to let you choose your own adventure – free weights, racks, dedicated stretching space with mobility tools, cardio equipment, lifting platforms and more. We hope you’ll find the what you need to have the best training session possible and if anything is missing, just let us know.

If training alone isn’t your style, join us in the dedicated fitness studio for one of our circuit or abs & core classes. Our trainers will help you learn new skills while keeping you motivated.


Circuit Level 1 – This fitness class is for every fitness level! This class is a general strength and conditioning circuit where you will get a progressive warm up and a full body workout. Each workout will have a mix of cardio and strength training. In this class you will use implements such as medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells and maces. Class is limited to 20 participants per class.

Circuit Level 2 – Our Circuit Level 2 is a strength and conditioning circuit that builds upon our Circuit Level 1 class. The movements in this class are more complex and dynamic variations of the foundational movements learned in Level 1. It is recommended to have attended our Circuit Level 1 class for at least a month before trying out Level 2. Class is limited to 12 participants per class.

Circuit Express – Our Circuit Express class is a fast paced circuit class for all fitness levels that is great for anyone on the go. In this 30 minute workout, you will get a high intensity, full body workout. This class will utilize different stations and exercises that will increase your muscular endurance and your cardiovascular capacity. Class is limited to 20 participants per class.

Abs + Core – This 30 minute class is all about core stabilization and functional mobility. Instructors lead students through various exercises to strengthen and balance the core while working through active ranges of motion to bring the body back to its natural posture. Students looking to increase lower back health or learn new core exercises will love this class! Class is limited to 20 participants per class.

Mobility – Mobility is the combination of useable flexibility and stability within a joint. In this class, you will learn how to increase neuromuscular recruitment to improve your active range of motion through the lower and upper body joints. Whether you are a climber, weightlifter, or yogi, this class will prepare you to tap into your body’s full potential. Class is limited to 20 participants. Reserve your spot on the sign up board before class.

Barre – Join us for an hour long mat-based barre class. This will be a low impact, dynamic, total body workout that will challenge you physically and mentally. We will go through a series of pilates and ballet based movements and isometric holds that will incorporate bodyweight and light dumbbell exercises. This class is great functional movement and mobility training for climbers. Classes are in the Fitness Room and limited to 20 participants. Reserve your spot on the sign up board before class.

Liftin’ Ladies

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or have never touched a barbell, our Liftin’ Ladies class series will teach you the fundamentals of safe and proper lifting form and technique, familiarize you with the equipment in the fitness room, and teach you to create your own strength training routine. Each week, you’ll learn new exercises and then practice under the guidance of our trainers. This recurring monthly series lasts 4 weeks and is limited to 12 participants per class. Reserve your spot on the sign up board prior to class.

Weightlifting Foundations

Weightlifting Foundations is a class focused on learning the major barbell lifts. Each week we will guide you through a new lift and allow you to practice in a safe and positive environment. This class focuses on the fundamentals but is beneficial for all levels. Come and learn from the best and jumpstart your strength training program. Weightlifting Foundations will occur every other month. Free for members and guests. Classes are limited to 12 people. Reserve your spot on the sign up board prior to class.

Youth under the age of 14 cannot attend Fitness classes or use the gym facilities. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.